So are you a Sig or do you belong to a different organization?

"A Sig I am, a Sig I’ll be, a Sig through all eternity…"

I'm thinking about rushing EX for Spring 2014. Yes or no? Do you have to look like a frat bro to join a frat?

Rushing Sigma Chi is one of the best decisions a guy could make. Reasons to join include:

  • Lifelong friendships. Brothers of our chapter form lifelong bonds with a diverse group of talented peers.
  • Social opportunities. We provide ample opportunities for socialization both within the Harvard community and with students from schools all across the Boston area.
  • Community service. Our chapter is dedicated to improving the surrounding community. We hold an annual community service drive called Derby Days that benefits theChildren’s Miracle Network. In addition, brothers volunteer at soup kitchens, help out at homeless shelters, run for charity in the Boston Marathon, and participate in Relay for Life.
  • International connections. Sigma Chi is an international fraternity, with more than 200 chapters across the United States and Canada.
  • Alumni network. Past brothers have gone on to become CEOs, distinguished professors, high-ranking government officials, reknowned doctors, and Hollywood actors. They will help guide you through college and beyond.

Brothers are judged and expected to live-up to the Jordan standard and we admit no man to membership who is not judged to be:

  • A man of good character
  • A student of fair ability
  • With ambitious purposes
  • A congenial disposition
  • Possessed of good morals
  • Having a high sense of honor and
  • A deep sense of personal responsibility

At Sigma Chi, brothers come from all across the globe and from all walks of life. For me, most importantly, we do not discriminate based on ethnicity, sexual orientation, or economic status.

Finally, this:


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Was surfing tumblr when I came across your page. Awesome tumblr man.. In Hoc

thanks, bro.  IHSV

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I see you post a lot of sigs and have ihsv in the tags. are you a sig?

I am.

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