Single or taken?

…single, at the moment.  you wanna change that?

MILESTONE: Sometime overnight this happened.

A few have asked which pics are you but you're evasive. Can you give a specific date? Pleeeeaseeee! When I click your "me" tag I don't come up with anything but a lot of pics and postings.

…this “hide-and-go-seek” game has been going on for so long … it’s fun!

tons of “clues” in my FAQ section…join the hunt!

hot blog !!

where are you located bro? ex-frat guy here myself...

What is your job?

Do you have any pictures of you on your blog?

…there is a previsous response to this FAQ here:  further hints and responses can be found in my FAQ section here:

Where do/did you go to school?

…did.  i graduated (recently) from a rather large university in New England whose mascot is a bulldog.

Do you have a job? How do you have time to update this blog so many time a day?

…it’s called a queue

So guess it is not you there scrubbing the floor after fixing a delicious meal ...

Can you provide some of your best wanking tips and sites? Thanks :)
  1. get naked on your bed or in another private location of your choice
  2. achieve an erection however you can
  3. hold your hand out in an open position with your fingers extended
  4. close your hand so that your index finger and thumb tips meet
  5. place the resulting loop of your thumb and index finger over your erection
  6. slightly close your fingers until a firm grip on your erection has been achieved
  7. move your hand up and down in a vigourous manner; paying close attention to achieving friction on the end of your erection
  8. continue this movement until a milky fluid is expelled in spurts.
  9. OPTIONAL:  use lubricant (such as your mom’s hand lotion) in steps 7 and 8.
  10. TIP:  make sure that you have a towel, tissues, an old sock or other item to clean-up the resulting mess

…if you’d like to submit a video of this activity, i can check your technique to make sure that you’ve followed the instructions correctly.

Great Tumblr man. We share a lot of the same tastes.

A special shout-out…

…to my anonymous copy editor.  i couldn’t do it without ya!

So are you a Sig or do you belong to a different organization?

"A Sig I am, a Sig I’ll be, a Sig through all eternity…"

After reading some of your comments here I'm assuming that you are a Democrat/Liberal or, at the very least, your politics trend slightly left of center, yes? (It's pretty obvious but I don't want to put words in your mouth) On which issues (not specific politicians or current debates) are you most aligned with the left? Where do your personal values/principles most line up with theirs? Thanks :)

hey anon — thanks for the question…

as a student of history, the best way to describe where i’m at politically would be to say that i adhere to classical liberalism — that is that i place primary emphasis on securing the freedom of the individual by limiting the power of the government.  Government should be as small as possible in order to allow the exercise of individual freedom.

However, i diverge from my more conservative brethren in knowing that government has a vital role in assuring an even playing field for the individual.  Those that are less fortunate, belong to a class of individuals who have historically been denied rights,  or who have experienced temporary set-backs through no fault of their own need governmental institutions to even the playing field.  They need positive solutions to allow them to effectively compete in a free-market economy and a liberal, representative democracy.

As for my history, i came from a rock-ribbed new england conservative (republican) family.  however, those traditional republicans have been abandoned … the party of their forefathers has been hijacked by what has recently been labeled “neo-confederates” — those who are afraid of change, seek to protect their place in society by repressing others, and cling to a romanticized vision of history that  ”things were better” at a time when more “traditional” values were adhered to.

therefore; many of us — who would have been traditional new england republicans — have abandoned the republican party and are now more aligned with the democratic party — but still apart. [edited for clarity]

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