As you know I make original posts now and then from things I have found on pinterest, twitter, and imgur.

The problem doing this is that you might post something that gets reported to the Tumblr Gods as a copyright violation and I have apparently reached the point where my account will be…

I also got this dreaded notice (could it be that Tumblr is sending these out en-masse?)  And while I did not post from pinterest or twitter, as many of you know I have been a prolific poster from Imgur (usually via Reddit.)

My belief on these posts is this:  that the gentleman who post items of interest on Imgur as legit as Tumblr posts BECAUSE of this simple fact:  Imgur maintains a “post to Tumblr” button on EACH AND EVERY PAGE of it’s website.  Gentlemen who use Imgur to post images should realize that — as a part of Imgur’s Terms Of Service the following applies: anything you post to a public portion of our site may be used by the public pursuant to the following paragraph even after you delete it. ”

Irregardless of Imgur’s practice of encouraging posting to Tumblr by prominently displaying the “post to Tumblr” button on each page AND the above provision of Imgur’s TOS, Tumblr continues to process complaints by these gentlemen who are SHOCKED that images they share are beings cross-posted on other websites.

I believe that Tumblr should stand-up for it’s members rights to post this publicly available content.  However, it does not.  Tumblr doesn’t even give it’s members a chance to contest the deletion before removing the content. Tumblr removes the content BEFORE sending notice of removal.  Therefore Tumblr members have NO WAY of knowing what has been removed — and thus no effective way to contest the removal.

Anyway, you will notice over the next several days I will be REMOVING postings that might run afoul of this problem.  Please understand that I am doing this under threat of deletion and with no real recourse or method to enter into a meaningful dialogue with Tumblr about this issue.



PS:  I also will be creating an alternate site:



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