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Wanna see yourself all over the internet? Submit whatever you’d like.

I MIGHT post it if it seems like fun and it interests me.

Your chances of me posting your submission increases WHEN you submit stuff that fits my general theme of preppy/collegiate/clean-cut non-twink men — whether dressed or undressed!

I will NOT post submissions that:
— are just requests to reblog images already posted elsewhere on Tumblr, or
— contain logos, names superimposed over the image or so-called “watermarks.”

I generally will not post professional models or anything that I believe might be copyrighted or protected under a copyright or trademark law.

By clicking the submit button, you are certifying that your are:
— 18 years old or older,
— hold the copyright and/or are the creator of the material being submitted and have full legal authority to distribute said material, and;
— you are granting the owner of this blog full permission to post and distribute such material.

Thank you.
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