First I just want to say ive been following your blog pretty much since I started using tumblr and have loved it! I also wanted to say though that all of the Sig Chi members that I have met have been really mean to me for being gay.

thanks for your very nice complement … i’m very glad that you are enjoying it!

a note about/for my Sig brothers … our fraternities creed begins with the words “I believe in fairness, decency and good manners…”  it closes with these words: “that I will endeavor to so build myself and so conduct myself that I will ever be a credit to our Fraternity.”

if you are, in any way, cruel or mean to people … in particular casual acquaintances or people you have just met, you are clearly violating our creed. man-up bros…be a Sigma Chi that all of our brotherhood can be proud of…

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  1. anythingbuttemptation said: Sigma Chi is also founded on the belief of valuing different temperaments, talents, and convictions, which means accepting and celebrating people for being who they are. Which is just further evidence that they aren’t living their values.
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